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Gently Cooked Food Vs. Kibble

Gently Cooked Food Vs. Kibble

The Truth About Processed Food

As a society we have come to rely on foods that are quick, easy and convenient. The same is true for our canine companions. We’ve been learning more and more about the dangers of processed food on human health and the same principles apply with processed food for our pups.

Our recent blog on the Canine Obesity Epidemic outlined that over 50 percent of dogs in North America are overweight and how diet plays a large role in this. 

Things to know about kibble:

  • Many kibble brands contain a variety of preservatives and additives in order to give them a long shelf life.
  • Kibble lacks moisture, leaving your pet in a constant state of dehydration (to learn about the necessity of moisture in your pup’s food check out our blog post here).
  • Kibble often contains high levels of carbohydrates (often more than 50 percent!) in order to bind the food. These are often simple carbs which have little to no nutritional value. Dogs don't need these carbs, and they also cant digest them properly.
  • Kibble goes through a process called extrusion meaning the ingredients are heated at such a high temperature that they are stripped of nutrients
  • Processed food is inextricably linked to obesity and diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Why feed your dog a gently cooked diet?

At Puppy Gang Fresh Foods we gently cook (steam) our food to the minimum temperature required to kill the bacteria and preserve the nutritional benefits of the ingredients. We use only high quality proteins, fruits and vegetables and natural supplements in our food that you could eat yourself!

Some of the benefits of a gently cooked diet include:

    • Increased mobility (particularly important as your pup ages)
    • Improved dental hygiene
    • Weight management
    • Improved digestion
    • Shinier, healthier skin and coat
    • Alleviation of allergy symptoms
    • Better stools in size, colour and smell 
    • Higher energy levels and stamina
    • Strengthened immune system
    • Improved liver, pancreatic and bowel health
  • Saving money due to less trips to the vet!
  • What if I can’t afford to feed my dog gently cooked food?

    Studies have shown that even using gently cooked food as a nutritious topper (by adding it on top of your existing food) for your dog’s meal can help them reap the benefits of a gently cooked diet and improve the health and overall wellness of your pup. For example, a study conducted on Scottish Terriers (who as a breed are prone to bladder cancer) found that by adding green leafy vegetables to the dog’s existing kibble diet reduced their risk of bladder cancer by 90%! So as a dog owner you can feel good about using Puppy Gang Fresh Food meals as either a whole meal or a nutritious topper!

    Our pups rely on us to make their meal choices for them. Puppy Gang Fresh Foods strives to provide optimum nutrition to keep our dogs as young and healthy as pups as long as possible and ensure our meals have the variety of nutrients dogs need.

    The Importance of Cycling Nutrients For Your Dogs

    The Importance of Cycling Nutrients For Your Dogs

    The importance of cycling nutrients for your dog

    Do you eat the same thing everyday? Chances are, the answer to this is no. You would not only be bored with your food, but you would be missing out on vital nutrients that come from eating a variety of proteins, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

    Did You Know Dogs Need Moisture in Their Food?

    Did You Know Dogs Need Moisture in Their Food?

    With the weather still warm its particularly important to ensure your pup stays hydrated! Water is not often thought of as a “nutrient” but in actual fact it is THE most important nutrient for your pup! According to Purdue University, a loss of only 10% body water can result in death!

    Water has many functions in the body such as:

    • Dissolving nutrients and transferring them around the body
    • Serving as the medium in which chemical reactions occur in the body (in fact 50% of the chemical reactions in the body occur in water!)
    • Assisting  in keeping body temperature consistent
    • Helping to cool the body
    • Aiding our pups senses such as sight and hearing
    • Lubricating the joints

    Dehydration can result in:

    • Difficulty breathing
    • Increased body temperature
    • Reduction in food intake
    • Death

    All animals lose water every day from urination, feces and respiration. Though it is commonly known that we should be leaving water for our pup to drink a little known fact is this is often not sufficient for their daily intake.

    Kibble and other dry foods are devoid of moisture which leaves your pet in a perpetual state of dehydration.

    That is why the MOISTURE content of your food is important which you can find on the Guaranteed Analysis on the back label of your pup's meals. By feeding your dog a whole food diet such as Puppy Gang Fresh Foods meals you are ensuring they are getting the water intake they need from the natural moisture in fresh fruits and veggies. 

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