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Puppy Gang Fresh Food was formed in Toronto to make it easy to feed your dogs healthy and nutritious foods. But this is not where the story starts. It starts in 2018 in Hong Kong where Kalinda, a Schnauzer was adopted by Marisa and saved from a shelter. Kalinda had been a breeder at a puppy mill and was overweight, sick and struggling to survive. She suffered from excessive weight gain and hair loss from an untreated thyroid problem. Due to malnutrition, she had to have all her teeth removed. She had a hernia and needed to have a mammary gland tumour removed. The veterinarian and shelter didn’t know if she would ever make a full recovery.

They recommended feeding Kalinda a variety of ‘premium brands’ of pet food, but she was lethargic, struggled with endurance and wasn’t losing weight. Upon significant research and education, we discovered the pet food industry was unregulated and many ‘reputable’ brands contained ingredients that over long periods of time may be harmful to dogs. After bringing Kalinda and her best friend Harley (Shiba Inu mix) to Canada, Puppy Gang Fresh Food was born. Working with a holistic veterinarian, Kalinda and Harley started eating home cooked meals involving a balanced and healthy diet.

Within a few months, the change in Kalinda was significant. From 11kg and struggling to walk Kalinda got down to 6.5 kg, was energetic and able to run. Kalinda is now joyful, happy and healthy. It all came down to her diet.

Before healthy dog food - Puppy Gang Fresh Foods(Kalinda before her transformation)

Puppy Gang Fresh Foods has both short and long term goals. Our approach is pragmatic, to help all dog lovers feed their dogs nutritious meals through our wholesome and healthy recipes with no fillers, grains or processed foods. Delivering to your door or to a convenient pick up location, Puppy Gang Fresh Foods provides you with 4 great food options your dog will love. Prepared with the utmost care and in consultation with holistic veterinarians, every ingredient is selected specifically to provide dogs with all the nutrients they need. Our long term goal is to make an impact on the industry - to stop the poor practice of feeding dogs nutritionally deficient foods and help regulate and educate as many people as possible. You can follow our blog for more information here.

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