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Redefining Pet Food to help your pup live a longer and healthier life

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  • Just real food

    High-quality meats and fruits and vegetables

  • Only nutritious ingredients

    No pasta, soy, synthetic vitamins or by-products

  • Lots of vitamins

    We pack broccoli, kale, organic supplements, and fruits and veggies into our meals

  • Nothing else

    No preservatives, artificial flavours, or anything else your pup doesn’t need

Only the best for your pup: human grade meals Formulated with a holistic veterinarian

Each recipe is designed to include the necessary balance of nutrients while providing a tasty variety for your pup. Each ingredient is included to provide optimal nutritional value. Whether you are using Puppy Gang meals as a whole meal or as a topper by mixing into existing food, adding real, whole ingredients to your dog’s diet will go a long way.

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Delivered straight to your door

Our meals are cooked fresh, vacuum sealed, and frozen then delivered straight to your door or at a convenient pickup location.
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Pro tip: First-time customers can try a Variety Trial 7-Pack.

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Prepare in 10 minutes and watch your pup devour their meal. Pause, cancel, or change your order at any time.

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Perfect Meals for your Pup

• Converted the fussiest of eaters, your pup will love their new meals
• Your pup will have more energy, shinier fur and better quality stool
• Better weight management through our nutritious meals
• Easy and convenient for you to serve
• Warning: you may notice happy groaning noises from your pup whilst they are eating

The whole foods difference: Hear Kalinda the Schnauzer's story

Marisa and Sarah created Puppy Gang Fresh Foods to drive change in the pet food industry and to support healthy nutrition for all dogs. Through a no-compromise attitude, education, and help from pet health professionals, they are 100% committed to ensuring that all pups get the best nutrition.     Hear how whole foods changed Kalinda the Schnauzer's life.

Puppy Gang on CP 24 Breakfast

Check out George's enjoyment of taste testing our human grade food for dogs!

Healthy food for your pup

Recreating pet food to keep your pup healthy, longer. Each meal contains only real, whole foods. Our meats are hormone and antibiotic free and you’ll never find preservatives or additives in our ingredients. We only use the good stuff – think muscle meat, organ meat, carrots, broccoli, and kale – then, we gently cook the meals to preserve nutrients.

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Puppy Gang Community

Puppy Gang Fresh Foods started in Toronto, Ontario with the goal to make it easy to feed your dog healthy and tasty food. We’re pet parents ourselves and we get it; your pup is your best friend, your child, your most trusted confidante. You want to give them the best life possible and we’re here to be a supportive partner along the way.

The Puppy Gang Pawdcast

Listen to our Puppy Gang team chat with some very special guests about all things dog health and nutrition.

We have a 99% customer satisfaction rating!

Humble brag.

  • My Bernedoodle, Callie, LOVES the fresh, delicious food from the Puppy Gang! We always order the mixed 14-pack because it provides an excellent variety of flavours and ingredients. We use it as a 'topper' on her dry food as it helps to add flavour and moisture. She gobbles it up without hesitation every time! For us humans, I can't say enough about the customer service! Extremely fast delivery service, and the order is always correct. They have sales every so often which is awesome! I was able to meat the Puppy Gang team last year at the PetExpo - they are super friendly, knowledgable, and passionate about their product, which to me is very important when deciding what food to give to my pup.

  • Meet 12 year old Fred, who was being fed kibble and came to Buttonnoses rescue neglected,  underweight, with a dull coat and dandruff all over. Within 1 day of feeding him Puppy Gang Fresh Foods he literally transformed into a happy and energetic pup. It’s now been 7 days and his energy is high, his coat is now soft and silky smooth and Fred is doing great. 

    Fred is available for adoption! Reach out to Buttonnoses to find out more at

  • Ambrosia (lab) and Knox (Bernese) are loving their new puppy gang meals and rocking their 'swag'. Our beagle is in Ottawa with our daughter and her husband, so he is anxiously awaiting his introduction to all things Puppy Gang!

    The pups are loving the supplement to regular kibble and I am sure it will help their overall health. We are loving the pup's excitement to see what mum and dad are mixing into their bowls!

    With much gratitude,

  • Pepsi has no bottom jaw and can't have any solids. So I have to blend his PG food into mush so he can easily lap up with his little tongue. But then this happens.

    He gets so busy licking it all off his plate he barely comes up for air. And when he does, this is he looks like.

What the gang are saying

Our happy customers

"Hi Puppy Gang Fresh Foods. My name is Bentley and i'm a Westie who is getting older and was losing energy. Ever since Mom started feeding me Puppy Gang Fresh Foods Mom has been amazed by all my new energy and how I am acting like I did when I was a pup! I like all the flavors but Fisherman's Catch is my favorite! I've had some skin issues (which is common for Westies) and since eating Puppy Gang Fresh Foods my coat is soft and shiny!"

"We are Boston Terrier sisters who LOVE to play! Since we started eating Puppy Gang Fresh Foods we have extra energy to run and jump and have fun! In fact, Mom says we still act just like puppies!"

"My Dad and I are really active! Puppy Gang Fresh Foods fuels me for the long runs my dad takes me on! I am so happy Dad started feeding me fresh food to keep me healthy like him!"

Tiny has been doing great on her new food. She is doing well with her digestion and has become more playful. 
She is always excited to dig in whenever its feeding time. :) she always licks her bowl even there’s no food left. :D

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