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Does My Dog Need a Joint Supplement?

Does My Dog Need a Joint Supplement?

As dog owners we recognize the moment something isn’t quite right with our pups. That includes the signs of our dog needing a joint supplement. They may have trouble sitting up or down, may be less spry than they previously were or they might have swelling in their joints. But did you know that all dogs should have a joint supplement regardless of age or health? Providing your dog with a high quality joint supplement helps to protect their joints at all ages and stages, improves their mobility and decreases the risk of arthritis or joint related diseases later in life.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Joint Supplement

  1. For maximum efficiency, choose a joint supplement that contains multiple active ingredients
  2. Always check the amount of active ingredients in your dogs joint supplements-if the amount of active ingredients is not available it likely will not have a therapeutic effect on your pup
  3. Choose a supplement that is both preventative as well as curative

Regardless of what age you start to provide your pup with a joint supplement you will see noticeable differences in your pups health. At Puppy Gang Fresh Foods we have a commitment to providing optimum nutrition to dogs and only partnering with brands that share our commitment to whole health for dogs. That is why we have chosen to partner with Integricare to offer you a choice of their Maximum Strength and Regular Strength Joint Supplements as an add-on to your Puppy Gang Fresh Foods order!

Tri-Acta Regular Strength:


  • Promote healthy cartilage
  • Maintain collagen and connective tissue
  • Protect joint tissues
  • Decrease stiffness
  • Improve mobility
  • Developing/growing dogs
  • Younger dogs aged 3-5 as a preventative approach
  • Improved dietary completeness
  • Dogs with mild to moderate mobility conditions
  • Early signs of immobility

Tri-Acta Maximum Strength: 


Accelerate formation of cartilage

  • Eliminate inflammation
  • Expedite the healing process
  • Increase joint fluid viscosity
  • Enhance protective response of joint tissue
  • Improve mobility and reduce pain


  • Visible signs of immobility
  • Injury or concern
  • Pre-/post-surgery
  • Active and sporting dogs
  • Senior animals

Both Tri-Acta Formulas have:

  • 100% active ingredients – No Fillers!
  • Are All Natural
  • Provide a Therapeutic dosage
  • Small serving size (1 g serving for a 35 lbs dog), resulting in better acceptance among all pets
  • Are Economical, low cost per serving
  • Contain pharmaceutical grade components
  • Treat symptoms AND addresses the issue
  • Are Health Canada approved Veterinary Health Product (VHP) designation

It is important to note that joint supplements are not a replacement for a healthy diet and adequate exercise. All three combined can help keep your dog as young and healthy as a pup as long as possible :) Order Puppy Gang Fresh Foods today and click to add Tri-Acta to your order!

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Really Need?

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Really Need?

A question that is often debated is how much exercise do dogs actually need? There is no straight-forward answer to this question as your dog's exercise needs vary based on your dog’s age, breed and health. For example, a 10 month old golden retriever puppy is going to require more exercise than a 7 year old Miniature Schnauzer. To make things even more complicated, the needs within a breed of dog vary based on age.

Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is your dog should be slowed down by the time you stop. My dog Harley is quite high energy and is a leash puller so I know I have adequately exercised her if she is no longer trying to run around by the end of our walk! 

A few guidelines for exercise for your dog:

  • Most dogs need a minimum of 60-90 minutes of physical activity daily
  • Active breeds need a minimum of 30 minutes of hard aerobic exercise on most days of the week (ideally daily). Taking your dog for a jog or run with you is a great opportunity to bond with them (plus good health for you!), or providing a safe area for them to run are great ways to exercise your high energy dog.
  • It is a misconception that most small breed or toy dogs get enough exercise inside the house. Certain small breeds, such as pugs, are prone to obesity and therefore require consistent outdoor exercise.
  • Exercise benefits dogs both physically and mentally. It is also a great opportunity to bond with your dogs and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle yourself. Try exploring a new hiking trail or take your pup to agility classes!
  • A tired dog is a good dog!

Always remember, just like for humans exercise and diet go hand-in-hand helping your dog to live a long, healthy and happy life! We are advocates for all dogs thriving, not just living, and feeding your dog Puppy Gang Fresh Foods will play a big part in nourishing your dog through healthy whole foods!

Ingredient Spotlight: Leafy Greens!

Ingredient Spotlight: Leafy Greens!

Did you know that just like for humans, feeding your dogs leafy green vegetables helps them reap a ton of health benefits?! A study conducted on Scottish Terriers found that just by adding leafy green vegetables to their dry kibble reduced their risk of bladder cancer by 90 percent! Given that cancer is on the rise in dogs in North America (an estimated 60 percent of dogs die of cancer each year) this statistic cannot be ignored.

Dark leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach contain a variety of vitamins and minerals essential to your pups health such as Vitamins A, B, C and K in addition to calcium, iron, fiber, manganese, folate, and potassium. 

These nutrition superfoods are extremely beneficial to your dogs health and help to defend against inflammation, cardiovascular issues along with their cancer preventing properties. 

Leafy greens are particularly important for dogs with digestive issues due to their ability to help prevent constipation amongst other issues in the digestive tract and the addition of fibre helps to prevent waste buildup. 

All our recipes at Puppy Gang Fresh Food contain high quality leafy greens in addition to our other nutritional ingredients to ensure your dog stays as young and healthy as a pup as long as possible. Try our healthy dog food with our 7-pack variety trial pack today and give your pup the gift of great health!

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