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5 Mistakes People Make When Cooking For Their Dog At Home

5 Mistakes People Make When Cooking For Their Dog At Home

We are advocates of nourishing your pup with high quality, REAL food. Whether you choose to feed your dog your own home-cooked food, raw food or purchase ready made meals it is important to choose ingredients for your dog that are as close to the source as possible.

Though processed food is a convenient choice and claims to provide balanced nutrition it is depleted of natural nutrients and may contain dangerous additives or artificial ingredients that can lead to illness or disease in your pup. 

You can learn more about kibble and how it is made here. 

If you are already cooking for your pup that is a great start but it is important to be aware of some potential nutritional issues when preparing your dogs meals to ensure you are giving your dog what he or she needs to be as healthy and happy as a pup!

Here are 5 common mistakes made when feeding your dog a homemade diet:

  1. Not including a source of calcium. Without getting too into the science behind it, dogs need to have a balance of phosphorus (found in muscle meat) and calcium in their diet so it is important to add a source of calcium to homemade diets to ensure your pup is not deficit in this vital nutrients! We use bone meal for a natural calcium source in our meals. You can read about the benefits of bonemeal in your dog's diet here.
  2. Using incomplete protein. Different protein sources have different combinations of amino acids. Therefore, it is important to vary the protein sources your dog is eating to ensure they have all the essential amino acids in their diet!
  3. Not including a source of trace minerals to fill in nutritional gaps in recipes.
  4. Not feeding your dog a variety of nutrients. If you are feeding your dog the same meal every day they will be lacking in vital nutrients from feeding their dogs a variety 
  5. Not feeding your dogs the right ingredients to give them the nutrients they need for a healthy diet. For example, dogs need a balance of Omega 3s and 6s in their diet.

We know you only want the best for your pup.

That is why at Puppy Gang Fresh Foods we are committed to providing dogs with the most optimum nutrition. That means selecting high quality hormone and antibiotic free meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and organic supplements and consulting with veterinarians and researching to ensure we are helping to keep dogs as young and healthy as pups.

We recommend cycling through our different recipes (unless your pup is a picky eater or has food intolerances)  to ensure your pup is getting a variety of macro and micronutrients in his or her diet. You can try one of our variety packs for you pup!

We take the guesswork out of cooking for your dog by carefully researching, selecting ingredients and gently cooking it for you. Our meals come in frozen vacuum seal packs that defrost in under ten minutes making feeding your dog fresh and healthy food as easy as opening a bag of kibble or can of dog food!

Do you have any questions about your meals or about feeding your dog a nutritious diet? Email us at info@puppygangfreshfoods.com

Try our 7 pack variety pack today and start seeing the benefits of feeding your dogs our tasty and nutritious meals!

Nutrition Powerhouse: Kelp

Nutrition Powerhouse: Kelp

One of the ingredients you may have noticed on our ingredient list is kelp powder. But did you know that kelp powder is a nutrition powerhouse that has a ton of benefits for dogs (and humans as well!)

Not only is kelp powder one of the richest sources of amino acid (it contains 21 amino acids!), it is also a natural source of iodine which aids in healthy thyroid function and iron which supports circulation. Furthermore, it contains 60(!) other trace minerals and a source of a variety of growth hormones.  

Some of the benefits of kelp for your dog include: 

  • Provides relief from skin allergies as it reduces itchiness and inflammation
  • Regulation of activities in the adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands
  • Kelp contains proteins and amino acids (this helps with tissue repair)
  • Iodine which aids in healthy thyroid functioning (this aids in speeding up metabolism and helps with weight loss for overweight dogs)
  • Can improve dental health by reducing plaque and tartar

We use organic kelp power in our recipes to ensure your dog gets the nutrients he or she needs to keep them as healthy and happy as a pup for as long as possible.

Try out our meals to feed your dog some nutritious and delicious gently cooked food today!

For any questions related to our meals or nutrition for your pup email us at info@puppygangfreshfoods.com

Did You Know Supplementing Your Dog's Kibble with Fresh Food has Numerous Health Benefits?

Did You Know Supplementing Your Dog's Kibble with Fresh Food has Numerous Health Benefits?

In our blogs we’ve been discussing the numerous benefits of feeding your dog a gently cooked diet.

However, for those of you who have large dogs with large appetites feeding your dog a full gently cooked diet may not be realistic from a cost perspective. So what should you do?

The good news is that studies have shown even supplementing your dog’s kibble with fresh food can have numerous health benefits to your pup!

Some of the benefits of supplementing your dog’s existing food with gently cooked food include:

  • Ensuring your dog is getting natural vitamins and minerals. Kibble generally has synthetic supplements, however research shows that nutrients are more potent from natural sources and are better for your dog.
  • Increase of your dog’s energy level, helps them have a shinier and healthier coat, and improves the consistency of their stool.
  • reduces the risk of disease and illness and your vet bills!
  • Increased moisture. The moisture content is removed from kibble in order to give it a long shelf life. However, dogs need moisture in their food and do not get enough from drinking water so many live in a state of dehydration! Adding fresh food to your dogs dry food can give them the nutrients they need! (To learn more about moisture in dogs food read our blog post here)

Do you have questions about feeding your dog a gently cooked diet as either a whole meal or nutritious topper? Email us at info@puppygangfreshfoods.com

Try out our meals for your pup today!

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