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Ingredient Spotlight: Leafy Greens!

Ingredient Spotlight: Leafy Greens!

Did you know that just like for humans, feeding your dogs leafy green vegetables helps them reap a ton of health benefits?! A study conducted on Scottish Terriers found that just by adding leafy green vegetables to their dry kibble reduced their risk of bladder cancer by 90 percent! Given that cancer is on the rise in dogs in North America (an estimated 60 percent of dogs die of cancer each year) this statistic cannot be ignored.

Dark leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach contain a variety of vitamins and minerals essential to your pups health such as Vitamins A, B, C and K in addition to calcium, iron, fiber, manganese, folate, and potassium. 

These nutrition superfoods are extremely beneficial to your dogs health and help to defend against inflammation, cardiovascular issues along with their cancer preventing properties. 

Leafy greens are particularly important for dogs with digestive issues due to their ability to help prevent constipation amongst other issues in the digestive tract and the addition of fibre helps to prevent waste buildup. 

All our recipes at Puppy Gang Fresh Food contain high quality leafy greens in addition to our other nutritional ingredients to ensure your dog stays as young and healthy as a pup as long as possible. Try our healthy dog food with our 7-pack variety trial pack today and give your pup the gift of great health!

The Importance of Cycling Nutrients For Your Dogs

The Importance of Cycling Nutrients For Your Dogs

The importance of cycling nutrients for your dog

Do you eat the same thing everyday? Chances are, the answer to this is no. You would not only be bored with your food, but you would be missing out on vital nutrients that come from eating a variety of proteins, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

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