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Why Use A Dog Food Delivery Service?

Why Use A Dog Food Delivery Service?

Deciding what to feed your pup can be a challenge for any dog owner. Not only is there conflicting information on what constitutes healthy food for your pup but but it can be difficult to find dog food that contains high quality ingredients suitable for your dogs health. Traditionally, dog owners have opted for shelf stable kibble as a convenient option to feed their pets. However, with more evidence of the harmful ingredients and processing in dried dog food, as well as many stories of resulting recalls on brands more and more dog owners are opting towards feeding their dogs a whole foods diet.

Though some dog owners may opt to cook for their dogs, busy lifestyles can get in the way of this. It can be difficult to find the time to cook for ourselves not to mention our pups. Additionally, it can be challenging for dog owners to balance recipes for their dogs to ensure they have the nutrients their dogs need to thrive.

Where buy raw dog food near me

Many dog owners have been opting towards feeding their dogs a raw food diet. Though some dog owners ask the question of “where to buy raw dog food near me” (and raw food diet is a significantly better option for pups than processed food) it is important to know the facts of this diet. There was a study conducted by the FDA that found many raw food diets for dogs contained harmful levels of bacteria to both humans and dogs. Additionally, many raw food diets do not contain the micronutrients that dogs need to thrive.

Benefits of using a dog food delivery service near me: 

When asking yourself “is using a dog food delivery service near me more convenient than going to the grocery store?”. Dog food delivery services tend to provide higher quality meals than dog food products commonly available on grocery stores shelves. Companies like Puppy Gang Fresh Foods provide human grade meals to your dog that are gently cooked to the minimum possible temperature to kill the bacteria and preserve the nutrients. Additionally, they contain only locally sourced hormone and antibiotic free proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables and organic supplements to provide pups with the micronutrients needed to thrive in their diet. This can take the guesswork out of feeding your dog fresh REAL food and can many this process as simple as defrosting and opening a bag from the freezer!

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