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Does My Dog Need A Joint Supplement?

Does My Dog Need A Joint Supplement?

Feeding dogs a whole foods diet and ensuring they have adequate exercise are some of the best ways to reduce the risk of disease and illness and increase their lifespan.

While keeping your dogs active and healthy through diet or exercise, another component of aging that pet owners need to be aware of is the decline of joint health. Joint pain and stiffness are common concerns for aging dogs.

As our bodies age, our ability to create healthy cartilage declines and our risk of incurring damage to our joints subsequently increases. This is why high quality joint supplements for dogs can serve as both a preventative measure in younger dogs to ensure joint health, and even a curative measure in aging dogs to redevelop needed quality!

Research has proven that providing your pet with glucosamine and chondroitin can increase their joint strength and health. Integricate Tri-Acta supplements are some of the highest quality joint supplements for dogs in the market. They include 100 percent active ingredients and no fillers. Additionally, all their ingredients are natural and they both treat and prevent joint issues!

This is why Puppy Gang Fresh Foods has partnered with Integricate to provide our customers with the option of purchasing either Tri-Acta regular strength or extra strength with their purchase!

When should I give my dog a joint supplement?

You can provide your 3-5 year old dog with Tri-Acta regular as a preventative measure and your older dog with Tri-Acta H.A to both treat pre-existing joint conditions and prevent the decline of joint health in your pup. 

Tri-Acta regular can serve as a preventative measure for cartilage decline that happens naturally as pups age, can alleviate the pain associated to joint issues as well as reverse the destruction of joints over time. TRI-ACTA has been optimally designed to protect and maintain joint tissues, increase mobility, minimize inflammation, and improve joint condition. TRI-ACTA normalizes cartilage metabolism, slows the breakdown of cartilage, and allows the cartilage to regenerate.

Tri-Acta regular is optimal for: 

  • Developing/growing dogs
  • Younger dogs aged 3-5 as a preventative approach
  • Improved dietary completeness
  • Dogs with mild to moderate mobility conditions
  • Early signs of immobility

Some of the benefits of joint supplements for dogs who are 3-5 years old include:

  • Promote healthy cartilage
  • Maintain collagen and connective tissue
  • Protect joint tissues
  • Decrease stiffness
  • Improve mobility

TRI-ACTA H.A. has been designed to aid in the production of cartilage as well as reduce inflammation, speed up healing and improve the overall condition of ageing pups joints. Tri-Acta H.A contains the the add-on of hyaluronic acid which research has demonstrated can lead to increased viscosity of the synovial fluid to provide maximum protection for your pups joints!

Tri-Acta H.A is optimal for: 

  • Visible signs of immobility
  • Injury or concern
  • Pre-/post-surgery
  • Active and sporting dogs
  • Senior animals

Some of the benefits of joint supplements for dogs who are older than 5 years include:

  • Accelerate formation of cartilage
  • Eliminate inflammation
  • Expedite the healing process
  • Increase joint fluid viscosity
  • Enhance protective response of joint tissue
  • Improve mobility and reduce pain

You can add Tri-Acta Regular Strength or Tri-Acta H.A to your next Puppy Gang Fresh Foods order by selecting Tri-Acta at checkout. For any questions about adding a joint supplement to your pups diet email us at info@puppygangfreshfoods.com


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