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Variety Pack - Mixed 30-Pack
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*Serving Guidelines: each pack contains 500 grams of food (2 cup portion servings) we recommend 3/4 cup per day per 10 lbs of body weight. See meal plan calculator for more info.

Want to mix things up a bit? Try one of our pre-sorted variety packs!

Serving Guidelines: each pack contains 464 grams of food (2 cup portion servings) we recommend 3/4 cup per day per 10 lbs of body weight

Amounts are recommended for average dogs with regular activity. Feeding requirements will vary based on age, activity ad environment and should be adjusted accordingly.

Choose your combination of our 4 delicious recipes:

  • Fisherman's Catch
  • Beef Lovers
  • Zesty Rosemary Chicken
  • Thanksgiving Turkey

If your dog has any allergies please contact us to discuss the best meal options for your dog.

Meal Plan Calculator

How many calories does my dog need? Every animal has unique energy requirements and the amount of calories fed per day should be modified to prevent underfeeding or overfeeding of your pet. In order to determine your pet's nutritional needs, let's start with learning more about your pet.

How much food should your dog(s) eat?

Daily caloric needs: 568 KCal

Daily food requirement: 389 g

% of diet Cost per Day Pkg per Day Pkg per Week Pkg per Month
100% $7.71 0.86 25.70
60% $5.09 0.57 16.96
50% $3.85 0.43 12.85

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